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Welcome to Ferranti

Bottle of Feranti Olive Oil

The Ferranti family are proud to be both farmers of olives and producers of Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Ferranti olive groves are favourably placed at the foothills of the Coll de L’Alba mountain range in Catalan, Spain. The ancient groves have some very large olive trees some of which are reputed to be over 800 years old. The groves are inter planted with almonds and citrus fruits and wild herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage and jasmine grow abundantly on the boundaries which added to the unique flavour of the olives, as it is said that olives absorb aromas and flavours which surround them as fruit develop.

The Ferranti estate grows three varieties of olives, Farga which is one of the oldest olive varieties in the world and produces a very high percentage of oil. Morrut is another old variety, round in shape and has a fantastic flavoured oil and the Sevillenca variety, which is usually the first olive to ripen in the groves. Each variety has its own distinct flavour, traditional and authentic to the Catalan region. The groves are carefully irrigated throughout the hot dry summer months from our own well, which lies 300 meters beneath the Ferranti estate pumping pure natural mineral water to the trees above.

Harvesting on the Ferranti estate begins in late October early November and continues through to December, hand picking each variety as the olives reach their optimum stage of ripeness. The olives are hand raked onto very large nets placed beneath each tree and are taken immediately to the local mill where they are first cold pressed to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil.